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Building in Hawaii OR anyplace is about Wants vs. Needs. In today market it is very hard to get to your goal. So when you pose the question of what do you want versus what to you need? It ends up a very good tool for anyone looking to build.

Consider making a list with Wants on one side and Needs on the other so that you will see on paper how much easier it can be to understand what you trying to accomplish.

The concept is about trying to help you budget for your dream, not to dream about your budget. There are many things you need when building a home. You NEED a toilet but you may WANT one that costs $300 dollars. All you need is one that costs $90. Does a high end toilet retain its value compared to a lower priced toilet? Is it worth spending so much on a toilet when all toilets do the same thing?

These are some of the questions you will ask yourself as you make this list and it will help to save money problems from the start.

Another example of wants versus needs can be countertops. There are now so many choices from granite, to pre-slab pieces, to concrete molds. A custom piece carries a big price tag. Everyone wants custom work but the defining factor is what you can afford? A pre-slab piece if used properly will bring the look you want at a fraction of the cost. But you also need the right fabricator to make this work. And a good trades person is worth the cost. Now if you can afford the custom slab, it becomes even more important you have a qualified experienced fabricator.

One of the main issues with any building project is always about what

you can afford. Our team wants to provide you with quality service and plans.

Always ask yourself if this is your dream, then how much is it worth? Building a home is the BIGGEST endeavor anyone takes, and adding to that building here in Hawaii is REALLY confusing. We have the knowledge and the experience that works. Let us help you achieve your goal, we strive to be upfront and clear with a goal to get you a finished plan set that works for you.

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